Ranger Wannabes:

JARED CHANDLER (see attached resume)

Jared Chandler is not, nor has he ever been in any RECONDO school/training, nor is he in any "special recon element." He lives in California. His military resume is mostly fabrication. Jared Chandler makes his living as a military technical advisor in the movie industry in Los Angeles by misrepresenting himself as a qualified special operations soldier. The Marine Scout Sniper Association lists him in their Hall of Shame. Jared Chandler claims much military background, yet he never attended Basic or Advanced Individual Training. His only verifiable military school was attended during a stint with ROTC -- the three week airborne school at Fort Benning, GA. Jared Chandler has no RECONDO background. RECONDO (reconnaissance Commando) School was primarily for SF and Rangers/LURPS during the Vietnam War.
A criminal complaint was filed against Jared Chandler, Matt Anderson and Steve Goyen by the United States District Court For the Central District of California on March 10, 2003. "Conspiracy to impersonate authorized US military personnel...making false writings...commit theft of government property." Steve Goyen was a Captain in the US Army Reserve, Matt Anderson was discharged from the active-duty army, Special Forces, with an "other than honorable in lieu of a court-martial" years ago. And Jared Chandler has never been in the US Army. All of them were military technical advisers, gun handlers and prop sellers to Hollywood.
It seems that Jared Chandler worked a deal with the US District Attorney's Office and collaborated with them leading to the conviction of Steve Goyen and the second discharge for Matt Anderson from the US Army.
Since then Jared Chandler has allied himself with real deal former Marine Jody Hart who has more interest in Hollywood then in the integrity of the Corps.
Most military technical advisors including Harry Humphries, Dale Dye and Jim Dever know of Jared’s fraudulent military background but don’t seem too interested in rocking the boat by exposing Jared’s fake military record to the motion picture professionals.  Others in the film industry continue to do business with Jared as well – after all money speaks louder than honor and loyalty to those who do serve.

All military paperwork that comes from Jared Chandler should be treated as contaminated.  Jared is completely incapable of tech advising in any capacity and should be seen as a liability to the health and safety of all personnel on any set.
Those who may be interested should ask Jared for his signature on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for both his military record (there isn’t one) and his FBI indictment and subsequent case.

Read the details of the case: CASE BRIEF and CASE COMPREHENSIVE.
Under no circumstance are you to let Jared give you anything other than a signed FOIA request for the above which you in turn have to mail in and receive at your home.  After all, if he is a real deal soldier he should have nothing to worry about.

I have personally known Jared since he was introduced to me in the late 1990s by a fellow Ranger and discovered his fraud before entering into business with him.  A great debt is owed to Ranger/SF William Hazen for having alerted me to this wannabe. The military public affairs offices in Los Angeles have been made aware…

LA Times background

Jared Chandler is a fake. 


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